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Spring Blossoms | Zach & Valerie

Spring is all about growth and life.

However, this season does not feel full of life. Many people aren’t happy because of the isolation, and there’s no end in sight. It seems this pandemic has completely flipped our lives around. And I understand! Not being able to see people, travel or have any sessions has been hard.

As I’m trying to find the positive in this whole situation, I saw the trees blooming around me…. then my heart broke a little more. This was going to be an amazing season of sessions, with traveling to numerous beautiful places specifically seeking spring flowers, with some amazing couples. But God had something else in store.

The announcement of Maryland’s Stay-At-Home order was put into place this past Monday. After a month of cancelled sessions, I was dying to get my camera out, so I asked my brother and his lovely girlfriend to quickly pose for my [potentially] only session this spring. And boy did they rock it 🙌🏼

Zachary & Valerie are some of my favorite people to photograph– and since he’s my brother, I may be a little biased 😉But their love is infectious in-person and throughout their portraits. You can’t help but smile and feel a sense of joy when you see them.

To those struggling through this pandemic, I encourage you to step outside, take a walk, and enjoy the flowers and fresh air. The Lord has blessed us with that, so we might as well enjoy it 😊



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