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Historic Gettysburg Engagement | Tori & Caleb

Tori & Caleb have this movie kind of love 🥰

I’m a hopeless romantic. And anyone else who is obsessed with Nicholas Sparks and/or Hallmark, you know what movie kind of love I’m talk about! Spend 5 minutes with Tori & Caleb and you’ll think you’re watching a romantic movie.

The way they look at each other, its heart melting. They attract to each other like magnets, and getting them to pull close for a pose was no challenge at all!

Caleb looks at his beautiful bride like is the only woman in the world, and he would do anything or be anything for her.

Tori looks at her handsome groom with admiration and affection, knowing he will always be there for her and protect her.

Spending just a few hours together in Downtown Gettysburg and the National Gettysburg Military Park was so fun as we talked and I got to know more of their story. Gettysburg holds a special place in their hearts, because that is where Caleb proposed to Tori! How special it is that we were able to recreate some of those sweet memories during their engagement session.

Tori & Caleb,

Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful engagement portraits for you two. Your love is so infectious, it’s inspiring. Every image of you two makes me smile! I can’t wait until next year when we can do it all again at your wedding.



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