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4 Tips For Your Wedding Day

After spending hours with my brides leading up to their special day, I have concluded that there are several common questions/concerns that the brides all seem to share in regards to the intricate details about their wedding day timelines.

Deciding on a First Look

Aside from shying away from the tradition of seeing each other at the altar, first looks give you a private time together to pause and share a special moment before vowing forever in front of your friends and family. It also saves TONS of time in your timeline for the day. How, you ask? Let me give you two examples of a wedding day timeline.

The timeline without the first look forces all images of the bridal party together, bridal and family portraits to be after the ceremony while your guests are at cocktail hour. The timeline with the first look has all major portraits done prior to the ceremony, so all we have to worry about afterwards is photos with immediate family. Then it’s time to party!!  Ultimately the wedding timeline is yours and your groom’s decision with how you see your big day going! And it’ll be perfect either way! 

Photo List

As time leads up to your big day, make things easy on yourself by making a list of all portraits you want on your big day! Family combinations, special detail or venue shots, etc. This way, I know ahead of time exactly what you want from me. AND the day of, you don’t have to worry about telling me every little photo you want taken. I’ll already have it handled!! 🙌🏼 This is especially helpful when it comes to family portraits. After your ceremony, when things are nuts, it’s hard to think of every photo combination you want. So we figure that out beforehand, make the list of everything you want, then you don’t have to worry–all you have to do is stand there and smile ☺️

Time of the ceremony

Sometimes people don’t think the time of the ceremony is important…. Oh, but it is! You’ll have to decide if you’d like to have sunset portraits, and how you’d like that to fall during your timeline. OR should the ceremony be AT sunset? OR have the ceremony right before sunset, so the golden hour is during bridal portraits? OR get married mid-day and we can step outside from the reception to do a quick sunset portrait! More often than not, wedding days revolve around daylight, so it’s good to plan ahead and think about how you’ll be using the light the way you want it!

Veil or no veil?

I’m convinced veils add more magic to your wedding day! Many brides tell me they don’t want to worry about it falling out or weighing them down. And I totally get you on that! But let me tell you why veils will change your wedding day!

Veils look amazing on any body type! Worried about your arms? We’ll use the veil to magically make them disappear!

Brides love the swoop veil shots that I capture, and that’s only possible if you provide the veil for that shot! I recommend a floor length veil to be able to pull off the right amount of magic for all the dreamy, romantic shots you’re envisioning!

And girl, in case you’re worried, long veils don’t have to be heavy!! Just make sure there’s minimal bling-bling. Even though beads, jewels and extra design adds flare, it will weigh you down. The less dazzle on the veil the easier it is to manipulate! And you can’t beat a classic veil for your wedding day 😍

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