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A Quarantined Senior Prom | WashCo Technical High

Never would they ever have imagined this would happen.

A senior year without end-of-year banquets and ceremonies, sports team senior nights and the worst of all… graduation and senior prom!

Monique’s mom told me about the plan she was orchestrating– a prom for her daughter and closest friends to try and salvage their senior year memories– and I was all in! And y’all, when I say prom, I mean the whole nine yards: venue, limo, DJ, and catered dinner! Major props to her mom for all the hard work she put into it! 👏🏼

Monique was one of my senior models in the fall, and I was more than thrilled that her mother asked me to be apart of more senior memories for her. The evening was simple, yet elegant, and extremely fun for all involved. Monique and her date, Trey, were crowned prom king & queen.


As always, you were stunning in front of the camera! You are such a beautiful and driven young woman, with so much ahead of you. Though your senior year was not at all what you hoped it would be, you have these beautiful images and lasting memories that I hope carry you through these difficult times. I wish you the best of luck in college.❤️



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