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Fairfield, PA | Hannah & Darin

Sometimes when I have an idea, I run with it. And I usually pull others into the idea with me. This is what happened when I came up with the idea of Anniversary portraits to honor the upcoming first anniversary for one of my 2018 brides. As July was approaching, I reached out to Hannah to catch up and see if she would be interested in doing yet another session!

Some backstory for you… Hannah and Darin told me prior to their engagement session that they weren’t big “picture people.” I usually ignore that and MAKE them picture people 😉 Hannah and Darin are big outdoor enthusiasts. So for their engagement session two years go, they showed up in green/camo clothing–it captured them in their essence. 

The wedding came and went. Almost a year had gone by and I start really missing my couples. It’s sad that once the craziness of the wedding day is over the connection with the client just drops… so I wanted to come up with a way to get them in front of my camera again…

The suggestion of the anniversary session was quickly accepted. Like with my engaged couples, I gave some outfit tips and tricks to Hannah for our session. Knowing her and Darin, I was prepared for some camo! To my surprise, when I showed up on location for the anniversary session, Hannah and Darin were all dolled up! She had taken my advice into consideration and she dressed up for the session! (Full disclosure, couples can ALWAYS wear whatever they’d like for THEIR session. I’m just here to give suggestions!)

We went through the session and caught up on the past year. It was like catching up with old friends and it was SO FUN! They’re both working hard, living their lovely married life in Pennsylvania and raising an adorable pup. 

That evening I send a few teaser previews to Hannah. And her response was not what I expected.

SHE LOVED THE WAY SHE LOOKED IN THESE IMAGES! It filled my heart beyond belief! Her anniversary photos are her new favorites!

Hannah & Darin, thank you for letting me capture more milestones for you, it’s a true blessing!

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