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Poor House Farm, WV | Kayla & Nate

The word “selfless” is the first word that comes to mind when describing Kayla & Nate.

First off, Kayla is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! And she’s super organized. (a girl after my heart!) She’s the first bride to take me SO literally when I asked for “detailed” timelines. Kayla is a wicked accountant, who definitely loves her spreadsheets. And Nate works with children, so you know he’s kindhearted right off the bat! I could tell in our first meeting, he brings absolute joy to Kayla’s life, as I’m sure he does with the kids he impacts daily. And he is definitely not shy–neither were his groomsmen! 

They decided to go traditional for their wedding, by not doing a first look. And I just have to share this with y’all, because it made me cry…. Look at his adored expression as his bride comes down the aisle!!!!

These two got me all in my feelings on their wedding day, from laughing to crying and everything in between. They even got me out on the dance floor for a minute to share in on the fun with their family and friends. By the end of the day, saying goodbye to them was bittersweet– like saying goodbye to a dear friend. Because after months of emailing, you’re practically best friends 😉 

Kayla & Nate, it was an honor serving you on your big day. Thank you for being the genuinely kind people you are. May God bless your marriage.



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