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Antietam Battlefield | Brittany & Derek

Most people think a couples portrait session is a young or recently engaged couple. Married couples with children ever think a couples session would be for them…

WELL! Brittany & Derek decided to take an afternoon for themselves and leave the kids at home!! Parents rarely think about taking time to get photos of just themselves. In a typical family session, I always give the parents a few individual shots alone without the kids. BUT without the kids present at the session, we could do so much more. So Brittany and Derek were center stage and rocked it like they were getting engagement pictures taken all over again! 🙂

These two are definitely marriage goals! Not only are they holding down a household with two little ones under the age of 5, but Derek is a hard working wood craftsman, doing what he loves building beautiful pieces of furniture for homes. And Brittany is a lovely mother and lifestyle blogger, keeping track of her two little ones and keeping Derek in check! These two have been married for nearly 10 years, and their love for each other just spilled out in our session!

Brittany and Derek, thank you for letting me capture precious moments in your marriage. You two are a blast to be around! Your children are so lucky to have gushy, goofy and loveable parents like you two!



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