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Downtown Frederick Engagement | Rebecca & Aaron

You could say these two are very THANKFUL for each other! And spend 5 minutes with them… it shows!

Not only was their Thanksgiving dinner proposal just the sweetest thing ever, but they’re super sweet in real life too. So many #ashleyelizabethbrides are teachers, and I love it! You can tell Rebecca works with elementary students, because she has a gentle patience and kind-heartedness about her, which she expresses in her relationship with Aaron.

Then there’s Aaron, the hard-working husband-to-be who treats his bride like a princess. And the way he looks at her! SO SWEET! 😍

When we scheduled their engagement session for February, as with many other couples, I was a little nervous, honestly. Because as I write this, the temperature is 30 degrees, so it could be rare that we get a sunny and warm day! Thankfully they hit the jackpot and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect 50 degree day to walk around Downtown Frederick!

These two were so much fun to hang out with 🥰I’m sure people think I constantly repeat myself, but I do serve the BEST couples!

Rebecca & Aaron,

Thank you for spending an afternoon in Downtown Frederick, going along with my crazy ideas😉 I can’t wait for your beautiful July wedding!!



  1. Susan and Bill Mott says:

    Beautiful pictures Ashley! We. couldn’t be happier that they close you for their wedding photography!
    Bill and Susan Mott

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