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Why the Florals For Your Wedding are Important

Don’t you just love fresh flowers?? šŸ˜

Nothing brightens my day quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Recently, I’ve had tulips in my office, to bring a spring touch to my atmosphere and boost my mood!

How do you feel about flowers? Where are they falling on your wedding to-do list? A lot of brides do fake flowers over fresh flowers to cut on wedding costs. However, I truly believe holding a fresh bouquet of flowers is key to having a classic and elegant wedding. Fresh flowers help create the feeling of your day with the colors and textures they bring to the ceremony and reception.

But you’re probably thinking, “Yeah they’re great in the moment. But they don’t last forever!” Sooo, you want a few tips on how to make the most of your floral investment AFTER the wedding day? There’s so many creative ways to save your florals post wedding! Visit my special Pinterest board dedicated to giving you inspiration for creating keepsakes from your wedding!

Am I still not convincing enough? Well listen to what my friends in the industry have to say about florals on your wedding day šŸ˜

Moonflower Farm in Stephens City, VA

“Flowers are such an important and special part of your wedding. They are a great way to bring together the vision you have for your day. They will express your feelings for the big day as well as emotions and set the tone for all the decor. I always suggest that you start with a list of flowers you like and flowers you don’t like. This will help your florist find your style.

Think about what might be blooming naturally at the time of your wedding, bring those fresh blooms into your bouquet. Every year on your anniversary those flowers will bring back memories of your special day. Think about how often your bouquet will be photographed that day, it is a very important piece of your overall look for the day. I have had brides come back to me and say that they wish they had done fresh flowers and not silk themselves afterwards because the silk does not photograph as well.

Think about all the feelings that flowers can express such as love, friendships (for your bridesmaid bouquets) trust and happiness. Flowers have this magical way to express feelings by just being worn or carried during a wedding. Simple or elaborate, flowers tell the story of the day.

~ Liz, Owner of Moonflower Farm in Stephens City, VA

Moonflower Farm in Stephens City, VA

“Fresh, in-season flowers are my number one go-to. There simply isn’t anything else that can replace the texture and romantic nature of those softly petaled blooms and their incredible scent is something you just can’t get with faux florals. While there is a time and place for faux florals, your wedding isn’t it and choosing faux is highly unlikely to save you any money if you don’t want them to look fake. Using fresh locally grown flowers will not only save you money but you’ll be supporting local flower farmers who now need our support more than ever.”

~ Carmen, Owner of Wilde Rose Weddings, Hagerstown, MD

Wilde Rose Weddings, Hagerstown, MD

Now that you’ve heard Liz & Carmen’s fantastic inspiration on florals for your wedding, please enjoy this joyful picture of me holding the bride’s beautiful bouquet šŸ˜

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