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Historic Ashland Engagement | Jordan & Mike

Historic Ashland Ashley Elizabeth Photography Engagement

I ruined Mike’s outfit within the first photo… What a way to start a session at the beautiful Historic Ashland, that both of us traveled a good distance for! (slams hand into head). Thankfully he’s a forgiving guy. And my posing had to get more strategic during their session to hide the mistake I made. Which I don’t need to share with you, since it’s so well covered 😏

Walking into every session I want to make both the bride & groom feel amazing with the way they look in their images. (Mike may argue that he didn’t feel the same, HAHA). But if you don’t feel comfortable with the way you look, then chances are you’re not gonna like that photo.

During a session, I think through poses that is flattering to all body types. So at the end of our time together, they’re confident with how you look and feel in the photos that I deliver!

Days after our session, when previews were delivered, Jordan told me how comfortable I made her feel in areas where she was self-conscious.

Ladies, we all have a part of our body we’re self-conscious about. Knowing how I feel when I see myself in photographs, I know I don’t like my flaws highlighted. It MADE my day hearing that from Jordan.

I want to make you feel like a million bucks!

I want you to walk away feeling happy and confident with yourself!

Jordan even shared that Mike enjoyed himself… and she said getting him to smile was going to be hard. Ha! Challenge accepted! 😌

The odds were against us when 5 minutes into the session we all starting sweating, while I was simultaneously trying to smooth over the mistake I made with Mike’s outfit… It wasn’t ideal.

But Jordan & Mike were ideal. They showed up and killed it! View more of their gallery images on my signature portraits page.

Jordan & Mike,

I’m so thankful to come to know such a sweet couple from Delaware. Y’all showed up for this session and blew me away, and I’m so excited to finally share these images with the world! Your love is the kind that after spending 5 minutes with you, it’s undeniable that you belong together. I cannot wait until 2021 when we get to meet again at the Historic Ashland for your wedding day!



Historic Ashland Ashley Elizabeth Photography Engagement
Historic Ashland Ashley Elizabeth Photography Engagement
Historic Ashland Ashley Elizabeth Photography Engagement
Historic Ashland
Historic Ashland Ashley Elizabeth Photography Engagement
Historic Ashland Pennsylvania Engagement

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