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Green Meadow Farm Wedding | Diane & Issac

Is it appropriate for your wedding photographer to bawl her eyes out during the ceremony?… Asking for a friend…

Diane and Issac’s wedding at Green Meadows Farm was nothing short of a fairytale! When I met these two in February during their engagement session, I knew what they had between them was pure and electric. All of my couples share a special love. But Diane and Issac’s was even more unique, as they not only shared infinite love for one another, but the love Diane has for Issac’s four boys is indescribable. 

I stood in the back of the ceremony, sobbing. Every wedding gets me in my feels, that’s why I love what I do, but this wedding hit different. There was something about the passion and emotion that was behind each detail of the day, specifically the vows. Diane not only made her vows to Issac, but personally wrote a vow and presented each one of his little boys with a gift. They each received a dog tag that states, “Today I tell your dad I do, and I promise forever to you too.” 

Diane & Issac,

Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day. To say I was honored, is an understatement. . May your life be filled with so much love and happiness as your family continues to grow.



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