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Looking Back at 2020

I was asked recently what my favorite part of 2020 was. That question threw me, I hadn’t really thought of my “favorite part.” So I asked you all on social media for your answers to that question, and I got numerous responses like: new relationships, restored relationships, new jobs, getting married, etc. I was overjoyed with the response of positivity as we are looking back on 2020, and it was something I really needed to help see the positive side myself.

What’s my favorite part? Time.

I had a lot of time this year to:

  • Rest
  • Be with family
  • Focus on my business
  • Reflect on the relationships in my life
  • Read my bible
  • Be outside more– even tried to golf!
  • Enjoy the little things

Time is valuable. Time is what I needed to be where I am today– to realize the changes that I needed in my life to be a person I’m proud of. It is what made me realize that my “word” for 2021 needed to be focused on myself, rather than others. Selfish, right? But the past two years my words were intentional and present…. With the focus being on my intentionality in all aspects my life and my bettering my presence in relationships.

This year, I need to BUILD. Build on all the craziness that happened last year that has brought me where I am today. I don’t want to erase any of the heartbreak, pain or anxiety I dealt with, instead I want to build from it into a stronger person.

So that’s my word: build.

I encourage you to find a word that will carry you through the year, because it may help you refocus as the year goes on and resolutions start to fade. 

Well if you made it this far, you got through the heavy part–congratulations! Now onto the stuff I’m better at— taking pictures of literally everything in my life! So here’s a photo recap of 2020. Follow along with me on instagram to see all the other craziness I get into 😎

So many wonderful wedding days! I couldn’t do it without Savanah & Zach by my side!
Traveling was challenging this year, but I did manage to travel to Charleston, SC & Clearwater, FL for an engagement session!
In August, I got a call that physically brought me to my knees– my grandfather couldn’t breathe. He was rushed to the hospital, where he received several procedures and was eventually diagnosed with pneumonia. He has had ALS for over 6 years. His body was weak and we were fearful of the future. But by the grace of God and wonderful medical care, he is getting stronger daily, with the same charisma and spunk as usual ☺️
We didn’t let COVID stop us from gathering safely! And often in group photos, my mask is just hidden in my hand! 😷 But I am SO grateful for these friendships. Surround yourself with amazing people!
I LOVE taking my kayak out to the lake to relax. Golfing also became a thing and I’m terrible at it. I don’t think Tiger would be proud… But yay for socially distanced activities!
Just call me an Honorary Aunt–I love these kids! This year, a fourth cutie entered the world– just another I get to spoil with love 🥰
Window visits with grandparents & holiday meals with a smaller crowd.
Church ministry! Everything looked much different this year, so we had to get creative! I coordinate the media for our church, as well as lead an annual Trunk or Treat event. Please enjoy my DIY ice cream cone costume 😌
The Browns totally hopped on the Christmas PJ bandwagon in 2020.

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