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Fall Farm Wedding | Brittany & Rosendo

Sunset Portrait

The best part about my job is the connections and friendships I make along the way. And I’m so thankful to be friends with Brittany and Rosendo.

Though I’ve only known Brittany and Rosendo for a short time, it feels like forever because of the friendship that has been built during their season of engagement. I’ve come to love and appreciate them as people and as a couple. These two are are selfless, faithful and passionate towards each other. They put God first in their lives and in their marriage. They welcome people into their life with open hearts and open arms. Loving each other and loving others is so simple.

That is what true love is all about.


Over the past year and a half, Brittany and Rosendo have become dear friends, and even though their wedding is over and I’m writing this blog post, that doesn’t mean it’s the end!

Thankfully with my #AEcouples community, it’s never the end. I just love all my couples so much, I want to keep them forever! 🙂

A Longwood Gardens anniversary session, or a “just-because” spring tulip session may already be in the work, since COVID squashed our 2020 plans! So you’ll be seeing these two again soon!

Brittany and Rosendo,

Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege to capture not only a beautiful wedding, but your entire season of engagement. From spring to fall, I’ve literally captured you through it all! You two are the sweetest, and I’m so thankful to know you. May the Lord continue to bless your lives and your marriage. 



Invitation Suite Detail Portrait
Ring Picture
Bridal Party
Ceremony Entrance
Fall Wedding Ceremony
Sunset Portraits
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