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Burnside Bridge Engagement | Anneliese & Alec

To say a good time was had during Anneliese & Alec’s engagement session is an understatement. These two had me cracking up right away. Their energy and humor carried throughout the whole session and led to capturing many genuine images!

Their humor broke the ice… literally. Thankfully it was a nice distraction from the climate of the session. As we all are still experiencing winter in the middle of April here in the Mid-Atlantic, I thought their end of March session would at least be free of snow. Guess again! If there was an award for the couple who endured the coldest temperatures, these two deserve it!!

At the end of it all, there were warm smiles and hearts all around! We had beautiful scenery at the historic Antietam Battlefield Burnside Bridge and an amazing couple to capture… you can’t go wrong! And if their engagement session was just an ounce of the fun we’ll have at their wedding in June, I can’t wait! Stay tuned for more precious images from these two as they celebrate with friends and family at the beautiful poor house farm in West Virginia!

Anneliese & Alec,

Thank you for not only being an incredible couple, but total troopers! You two are an absolute joy. May your last few weeks of being fiancés be cherished. Until June!



Black and White Image Engagement Session
Engagement Session
Nature Engagement Session
Black and White Images
Engagement Session
Engagement Ring
Engagement Session
Anneliese & Alec's Engagement Session
Anneliese & Alec's Engagement Session

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