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4 Tips for Beating Summer Wedding Heat

Summer wedding tips straight from the photographer's mouth!

With Summer reaching its peak, many people feel the heat increase as an excuse to stay inside. If you have a wedding planned, that may not be possible, especially for pictures! Weddings bring wonderful memories, and show the love you and your significant other share in new, and exciting ways. Here are a few tips for “beating the heat” during your summer wedding!

Staying Hydrated During a Summer Wedding

Wedding days are quite busy, and that often means running around to complete the various tasks associated with the event. Staying hydrated through all of those tasks is vital, for you and your guests. During summer events it is not unheard of for people to have a heatstroke or suffer from heat exhaustion – both very serious conditions. Drinking enough water when sitting or standing outside during the ceremony or reception goes a long way in helping prevent these two conditions!

colorful champagne flutes used at a summer wedding

In fact, it’s best to start hydrating early! Hydrating properly during the days leading up to the wedding, and then the morning of, is of the utmost importance. This becomes even more important when there is alcohol involved because drinking can lead to dehydration – especially if you are already suffering from lack of water to begin with!  

For the hosts: provide a water station with cups for your guests. A table or multiple tables with water accessible will go a long way to preventing anyone collapsing or feeling sick from the heat. This is especially important if the summer wedding goes longer than thirty or forty-five minutes.

Summer Wedding Day Prep Tips for the Ladies

This tip especially affects the ladies in attendance. Putting your hair up can drastically reduce heat retention during any outdoor portion of the wedding day. There are many adorable hairstyles that lend themselves to heat reduction while still allowing one to look amazing! Also, stay away from liquid make-up! Melting or running can be a significant problem for ladies in hot weather. Use the weeks leading up to the wedding to try out some sweat/water proof makeup so that you can maintain your look throughout the wedding day!

Bridal details ready for the heat of a summer wedding.

Choosing Smart Outfits (And Accessories)

Wearing light-weight and light-colored clothing can help reduce heat absorption. For women, sleeveless or strapless clothes and short to mid-length dresses will do best. For men, khakis are probably the best choice for their lighter color. If dark colors are part of the wedding’s theme then dark pants with a lighter colored shirt and a summer sport coat will retain the formal look, without being too heavy!

two women talking over drinks at a summer wedding
two elderly women on the dance floor at a summer wedding while other guests watch and cheer for them
man and woman laughing and dancing together at a summer wedding

Taking an item to fan yourself with during a summer wedding can be the divide between a lovely, fairytale experience and a hot, sticky mess!  For ladies, pop-out fans that match your outfit make a cute accessory, while also being practical!

For the hosts of a summer wedding, think about providing something that your guest can fan themselves with. Providing wedding programs is a great way to do this and your guests will thank you!

Ask Questions & Bring the Essentials

Guests should ask the bride and groom (or the wedding coordinator) how much time will be spent outside. This information tells guests what they should be prepared for in terms of heat. Wearing sunglasses as much as possible helps your eyes to not hurt from hours of squinting. Just remember to take them off for a few seconds during the formal photos! 

Just as important as the hydration tip talked about above: wear sunscreen! If your only souvenir from a summer wedding is sunburn, then it takes away from the sweet memories of such an important event! Sunburns also negatively affect skin health. 

Summer wedding décor on a table.

And let’s be real, everyone sweats. Packing some travel-size deodorant is a great way to maintain hygiene and you could even get a brand that blocks sweat! Ladies – your new best friend during summer weddings will be oil blotting wipes! They help you blot away the sweat without messing up your makeup. Tissues will work for this too – and they’ll come in handy for when you’re crying happy tears!

I hope these tips are helpful to any wedding planners or guests planning to attend a summer wedding!


If you need someone to show your love story in pictures, send me a message and let’s get coffee! 

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