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Why You Need Rehearsal Dinner Photography Coverage

A group playing giant jenga during a rehearsal dinner photography session.

The rehearsal dinner is usually a more private, personal, and informal affair. Most brides may not consider it as something that wedding photographers should cover! Recently, I was asked to cover the rehearsal dinner photography for a wedding I was to photograph the next day. This was an atypical request! Most people don’t consider hiring a professional photographer at their rehearsal dinner. However, after shooting this rehearsal dinner photography session myself, I realized how valuable those pictures are!

Capturing the Festivities

A bride and groom could have many friends and family from different parts of the country coming into town for their wedding. Many of those people attend the rehearsal and the dinner to follow, like in these photos, Katie and Wesley’s closest friends and family went back to Katie’s family property to have a party!

A pizza truck catering to the rehearsal dinner photography session.

The setup at the event was quite fun, with a pizza truck providing food and a bar truck providing the drinks. They also had yard games like cornhole, Jenga, and a large crossword puzzle! All of these intimidate details can get lost in the memories. And having a photographer there to catch it all is really important!

Katie realized something important as a bride: sometimes wedding days can get chaotic! There often isn’t the time to mix and mingle with all of the people that one might want to. It may also be more difficult to get pictures with the friends and family who are closest to you in the midst of the day’s hectic schedule!

Couples, friends and family mingling while playing lawn games at the rehearsal dinner photography session.

She specifically wanted rehearsal dinner photography of her and her college and high school friends since they’re people she doesn’t see often! I took plenty of photos with their families. These were combinations of siblings and couples within the family that I may not have gotten the chance to photograph during the wedding itself. 

They got a chance to relax and be in the moment while I was there to capture the rehearsal dinner photography and all the love, hard work, and little details that went into the event so that nothing would ever be forgotten! There were personalized plates and napkins. They even had cups that said “brews before ‘I Do’s’”! Because they made the choice to add additional coverage, Katie and Wesley now have extra memories and fun photos to treasure for their lifetimes! 

Some of the custom cups and some mingling with the bride during the rehearsal dinner photography session

How The Rehearsal Dinner Helped The Wedding Photography

Typically, when I go into a wedding, I only know the bride and groom, and maybe the parents of the couple. But after attending the rehearsal dinner, I knew the entire bridal party and other family members too! Everyone knew exactly who I was and they trusted me to be there while everyone got ready. It also made everyone more comfortable in front of the camera which always makes a big difference in photos! 

It was fantastic to get to spend the extra time at the rehearsal dinner and the party! Katie and Wesley were great to work with, and such a sweet couple. I was thrilled to be there with them and capture those special memories with close friends and family!

Guests of the bride and groom mingling over drinks out on the lawn.
A giant crossword puzzle set up to reveal things about the bride and groom during their rehearsal dinner photography session.
People talking and eating at a table.
A flag with the bride and groom's initials on it hung outside a beautiful old house.
The pizza catered to the rehearsal dinner photography session for the bride and groom.
The caterers posing in the truck while they make pizza and people digging in around a buffet table.
People playing cornhole during the rehearsal dinner photography session.
A couple playing badminton out on the lawn.
People sitting around a table and standing to talk and spend time together during the rehearsal dinner photography session.
A tense game of giant jenga on the back porch.
People sharing drinks and smiling while seated at a table.
Collage of the bride and groom and some of their important guests at the rehearsal dinner photography session.

Katie and Wesley, thank you for making me a part of not only your wedding, but the rehearsal and the party beforehand! It was a blast, and a truly special time to spend with such amazing people!



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