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4 Tips To Help You Plan Your Fall Photo Session | Fall Portraits

A family taking Fall portraits among the leaves.

Fall has arrived, and with it comes changing leaf colors, crisp weather, and of course, Fall portraits! Fall photos are truly beautiful, and that’s one reason that my calendar tends to fill up quickly during this season! So here are a few tips to help you plan your Fall photo session so that it turns out as fabulous as you envision.

Plan Ahead to Get Your Session on the Calendar 

Between weddings, family sessions, and portraits, everyone wants photos with the Fall colors! The foliage and its variety of tones paint quite a beautiful and desirable backdrop, which is why when planning for your session, you should try to book in advance. 

Contact me as soon as you are able to, and get your session on my calendar to secure the time and date for your Fall portraits. Once October comes around, most, if not all of my openings are filled. 

Choose the Right Time To Maximize the Fall Colors

In the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas where I mainly work, the peak time for the Fall season and those gorgeous colors hit around mid-October to early November. But, weather conditions, like storms and other factors can affect how long the foliage stays at its peak beauty for photos. So, catching the wonderful multi-hued foliage at the height of its loveliness is another reason to book as early as you can!

A family playing in the colorful leaves during their Fall portraits.

Pick the Right Outfit to Pop Against the Background

With the weather cooling, it’s time to pack away your sundresses, and pull out your light sweaters, jackets and scarves! I suggest that you pick colors for your outfits that complement you, but also help you stand out against your surroundings! 

Choosing to wear Fall colors to match the foliage may not necessarily be the best idea depending on where we schedule your session. Wearing neutral colors can help you stand out against the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds instead of blending into the background!

A couple outfitted to complement the colors of the season during their Fall portraits.

If you choose to wear a scarf containing a shade of maroon or yellow, it could help complete your outfit while also allowing you to pop against the foliage. And remember, I’m always happy to help if you need advice on picking an outfit for yourself, your family, or for you and your significant other! 

Decide on a Location that Fits Your Vision For Your Fall Portraits

In order to get the look and feel you want from your seasonal photos, you must decide if you want a location that’s natural, something more urban, or perhaps a mix of both? I offer a variety of choices based on what you want! 

A couple sitting among the colorful leaves of Autumn.

We could go somewhere with plenty of trees and nature wrapped in gorgeous yellow-gold shades, or sometimes it’s nice to have a gallery in an urban location with pops of Fall color sprinkled into the background. Whatever tone you want to set for your photo session, forest or city, I’m willing to help you find the perfect place! 

I hope these tips help you plan your Fall portraits to get those wonderful photos to hang on your wall or send out with the Christmas cards! 


If you need someone to show your love story in pictures, send me a message and let’s get coffee! 

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