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Venue Questions To Ensure Amazing Wedding Photos | Wedding Venue

When you plan for your wedding day, the first step is finding a proper venue. When reserving your wedding venue, many factors go into deciding what’s right for you: distance, ease of access, aesthetics, and more. Something to consider when booking a venue is the photo opportunities! You want to choose a place that will give your photographer plenty of options and opportunities to get those stunning, album-worthy, memorable shots!

So here are a few questions to ask when thinking about a wedding venue that is photo-ready: 

How is the Lighting in the Getting-Ready Space?

Brides spend much time on their wedding day in the getting-ready space; therefore, it should be as comfortable as possible! You’ll also want a well lit space! Capturing mimosa candids, hair, and make-up, and other stunning getting ready shots all require good lighting to be picture perfect!

Try to find a venue with a getting-ready room that boasts plenty of natural lighting from windows. If you can’t find that, your photographer may need to use flash photography. If you have more questions about what all that entails, I am always here to help!

Improvising! Below is Katie and her girls. Their getting ready space was a large closet, so we used the reception hall for robe & staged getting ready photos as well– perfect lighting!

Musket Ridge at Catoctin Hall Getting Ready Photos

Are There Indoor and Outdoor Photo Options for the Wedding Venue?

What are the best outdoor areas for photos?

Find a wedding venue with a stunning outdoor space for your photos. Look at the venue’s social media and website. See what kinds of pictures other couples have taken there. After that, ask the venue coordinator to walk you through those spaces you saw online to imagine what your photos should look like! BONUS: This will help you determine what shoes you’ll be wearing that day, to comfortably and safely get to each location for photos.

Are there indoor options for photos in case of weather?

No matter the time of year, inclement weather may keep you from wanting to spend much time outside. If you are concerned that weather changes may keep you from your best photos, look for a venue that sports an excellent indoor option for your pictures!

For example, Katie and Wesley, two past clients of mine, held their summer wedding at Catoctin Hall, a primarily outdoor venue. Due to heat concerns, we used some inside spaces to give everyone a break from the sun for photos. We moved some tables around in the reception hall, and we had an elegant wall of windows as the backdrop for those indoor pictures! 

Where Can the Ceremony Be Held For Optimal Lighting?

When and where can the ceremony be held?

The ceremony is the pinnacle of the wedding day and the big moment when you say “I Do” to the love of your life! To ensure that the space is everything you dreamed of, pick a wedding venue and a time that suits your needs. To capture each sparkling moment in full detail, your photographer needs to know where the sun will be during the proceedings.

Ask the venue coordinator where they expect the sun to be at your ceremony’s date and time. You could also ask them for photos from previous years in the same timeframe to have a visual reference! Ideally, you can rotate the ceremony space based on the sun’s position. If that isn’t possible at your venue or your timeframe, consider all your options before booking! 

After you get the timing and lighting we want for the most fabulous photos, think about how the space will be set up. If you have a custom backdrop, such as a floral arch, you need to consider where it will be and what angles your photographer has to work with. Consider also how long and wide to make the seating. We need space to move during the ceremony to catch every glittering tear of joy on camera at the wedding venue! 

I hope these questions spur your consideration and that you have the fantasy wedding of your dreams in the perfect wedding venue!  If you need someone to show your love story in pictures, send me a message, and let’s get coffee! 


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